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Let me tell you, I have had some pretty awful oompla loopma looking tans, been very orange. I definitely needed to tan before my wedding because my skin has not seen the sun in months, I went into hibernation. 

I wanted to find someone in Ventura who was accommodating to my schedule, could come to my house and was also sensitive to the fact that I was a little uncomfortable with being fully undressed in front of a stranger. 

Let me just say from the moment I opened the door and saw Janette, all my anxietys and fears were gone. She has such a down to earth personality, engages in conversation to get to know you and is very accommodating to the color of tan that you want. She set up shop in my living room in 5 minutes did my spray tan and needless to say was in and out in 30 minutes. Hey! My kinda spray tan. She explained all the different poses I had to do with patience and explained the products she uses.

I have two additional spray tans that I prebooked because I just knew I was going to love her. It is 5 hours post tan and I love the color, I'm not sticky, creasing or really much of anything.

Looking forward to all the tans to come! :) Thanks Janette.